Remember this, before bathing.

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Remember this, before bathing.

Sadly a lot many of us are not aware of why we bathe. Is it just for cleansing dirt, sweat and other impurities from our bodies or is there a reason beyond?

We all know that our bodies exude sweat through the course of day and night, also our skin assimilates dust and microorganisms from the surrounding. Similarly, the internal atmosphere of our body keeps generating and absorbing heat. We may sense the presence of this excess heat in the body and even an imbalance in heat distribution, as we wake up in the morning, also after a day-long work.

Some studies say that the reason for 75% of diseases humans suffer is due to excess body heat. So more than external cleansing, bathing is vital to bring down the temperature in our body and even out heat distribution. That's why after having a bath we feel fresh.

In tropical countries like India where the average temperature is relatively warm throughout the year, the perfect time to shower is before sunrise, and it's best to use cold water and avoid hot water for bathing, as bathing is for cooling down the temperature in the body. As an exception, one could use lukewarm water while having an oil bath.

Bathing methods inspired by the ancient way of bathing in natural water bodies like ponds, lakes, and rivers tell us the right way to take a shower. They say we mustn't start by pouring cold water straightaway on the head. We should start with our legs, hips, chest and finally head. By doing so, heat flows upwards to our head and dissipates through the eyes and ears. On the other hand, if we start pouring water from the head and go down, the body will struggle to expel heat, and it may keep circulating within.

Let's envisage bathing in a pond or a river bank. As we stride down each step, heat surges from the lower region of our body to the upper part, and finally, with a total dip, it escapes through the eyes and ears. It also used to be customary to either apply a little oil or sprinkle some water on top of the head before stepping in. This practice was done to deflect heat through the eyes and ears and prevent it from reaching the uppermost part of the head. In the same way, tieing a wet towel for a short while after a bath helps in reducing bile (Pitta) and increasing vital airs (Prana). These practices were believed to render one free from diseases of Pitta and even relieve hallucinations and mental disorders.

Through observation and experience, our ancestors have left us the reasons behind some healthy lifestyle habits like bathing. Unfortunately today we only correlate it with external cleansing as dramatized by commercials of soaps, shampoos, and water heaters. So, for a healthy body and mind, it is time we adopt methods that are not merely based on convenience but based on how they work.

By taking cues from our ancient techniques and healing practices, Aathithya Herbals has taken immense care in producing a rejuvenating bathing oil suitable for the entire body in addition to skin and hair. Aathithya's bathing oil is an excellent blend of pure coconut oil (extracted from coconut milk) and several nourishing Ayurvedic herbs.

Bathing Instructions with Aathithya's bathing oil
Take Aathithya's bathing oil in a bowl. By dipping the fingers of both your hands till the first line of your fingers, apply the oil all over your body and hair. Now, allow the oil to get absorbed for 10 minutes and bathe in lukewarm water.

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