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Almonds Dry Roasted

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  • (Roasted almonds)
  • Rich in mono-saturated fats, potassium, protein & folic acid good for your heart.


Product Description

Roasted almonds -  rich in mono-saturated fats, potassium, protein, and folic acid which are all good for your heart.

Live long and stay strong by choosing to eat almonds every day.

Health Benefits

Almonds have a dense nutritional profile. They are a rich source of Monosaturated and Polyunsaturated fats and Phytosterols which are said to be useful in lowering LDL cholesterol. Everyday intake of Almonds, in prescribed measure, is healthier for the heart. 100g of Almonds provide as much as 175% DV of Vitamin E and 109% DV of Manganese and 85% DV of Riboflavin (Vitamin B2). It also contains good amounts of Minerals like Copper, Magnesium, and Phosphorus and in reasonable measures other B Vitamins and Minerals.

    About Manufacturer

    Aathithya Herbal is a Herbal, Natural and Organic Food Supplement producer with a high market contribution. Established in the year 2012 Aathithya Herbal is foraying into vivid areas of healthcare ably led by a panel of dedicated Healthcare Professionals, Researchers and Experts in the field of Herbal, Natural and Organic Food products fields.


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