Cashew Nuts - Health Benefits

Cashew nut - Nutritious

The cashew tree is native to the soil of Brazil, and it was the Portuguese who first brought cashews to the Indian shores of Goa. Eventually, cashew tree cultivation spread to rest of the South Asian Countries and Africa. Currently, India and Ivory Coast are the leading producers of cashew nuts.

In Indian culinary, cashew nuts are used in the making of sweets like 'Kaju Kathli' and for garnishing Sweets, Chocolates, and Ice creams. Many Indian curries use cashew nut paste as the base for gravy. Cashews are a delight to the taste buds when consumed raw, roasted, salted or with spices. While nuts of the cashew tree are famous around the world, in some regions of the world like Brazil and Panama, people prefer the fruit of the tree (Cashew apple) to its nuts. In Goa, cashew apples are fermented to make the alcoholic drink, 'Fenny.'

Nevertheless, the nuts are not only delicious but are also highly nutritious, and consuming them in a prescribed measure every day offers many health benefits. Cashew nuts are a rich source of Minerals like Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, and Zinc. A serving of 100g of Cashew nut provides about 67% DV of total fats and 36% DV of Protein. They also contain more than 30% DV of Vitamins B1 and B6, and Vitamin K.