Garlic - Herb for the heart

Garlic - Improves blood circulation

Used by humans over thousands of years, Garlic is native to Central Asia and North Eastern Iran. It has been a seasoning spice and an ingredient in the preparation of Traditional medicines for a very long time. Even ancient Romans and Greeks have used Garlic. Today, around the world, there are many varieties and subspecies of garlic grown, and China remains the Numero Uno producer of Garlic, accounting for about 80 percent of the total annual global production of garlic.

Garlic is used widely in South East Asian cuisine. The spice is also a preferred flavoring ingredient for bread. In India, garlic is a common everyday household spice.

Clinical researches are being undertaken to ascertain the effectiveness of garlic in curing cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and the common cold. According to a study, regular consumption of 'Allicin,' present in garlic over a span of three months has influenced fewer bouts of cold among individuals who took the trial. But well before modern medicines could speak for the medicinal properties of Garlic, ancient medicinal texts have been vouching for the effectiveness of garlic in treating cardiovascular and respiratory ailments.

Garlic is said to be having five distinct tastes inherent in it, so as a spice it evokes the production of necessary enzymes to break down and digest food. It is also beneficial in the treatment of Vata disorders in the body and treats bloating of the abdomen and constipation. In treating the common cold and other chronic respiratory conditions like Asthma, garlic has shown significant results.

Garlic is known to have anti-aging properties. It treats skin disorders and rejuvenates cells and tissues in the body. It also fosters regeneration of bone mass. And that isn't all. Above everything else, Garlic is a cardiac tonic. It improves blood circulation in the heart and reduces deposition of cholesterol inside the blood vessels. Garlic is also considered a potential agent in the prevention of cancer. The organosulfur compounds present in Garlic have the ability to act against the growth of tumors in the stomach, colon, prostate, and bladder.