Haritaki Powder (Kadukkai Powder)

Haritaki Kadukkai powder - Natural remedy for ulcer


 English : Harde whole, Tamil : Kadukkai, Telugu : karrakkai, Malayalam : Kadukkai, Kannada : Alalekaayi, Hindi : Harad / Harra / Harada/ Haritaki, Sanskri : Pathya, Abhaya, Haritaki Scientific name : Terminalia chebula

Aathithya’s Kadukkai/ Haritaki powder is a unique preparation of Kadukkai fruit purified and ground using traditional Siddha methods. These methods, which are applied based on rare Siddha texts, makes Kadukkai free from most toxins and fully enriched with the wholesomeness of the fruit.


  • It is an effective laxative useful in the treatment of mild and chronic constipation. In stipulated dosages, it can be used every day as a bowel cleanser.
  • It stimulates hunger, and better digestion so plays a vital role in correcting metabolic conditions.
  • It is also helpful in treating gastrointestinal disorders, liver-spleen enlargement and in colon cleansing.
  • As it expels excess mucous from the system, it is very effective in treating respiratory diseases like bronchial asthma and rhinitis.
  • The antibacterial and antifungal properties of Kadukkai are also useful in healing skin conditions and in curing urinary tract infections (UTI).

Kadukkai – A natural cleanser

From the perspective of Ayurveda, Kadukkai or Haritaki is said to possess five distinct tastes. It is also hot and light in nature. Charaka Samhita, one of the oldest known works on Indian medicine enumerates the properties and application of the fruit. Clinical studies also reveal that glycosides, phenolic compounds and chebulic acid in the fruit are of distinct therapeutic importance and antioxidant properties. The most common trait of the fruit that is to cleanse out excess deposits in the gastrointestinal tract physically is its distinct feature for which it is widely used in many traditional medicines, notably as one of the key ingredients in the Ayurvedic rasyana ‘Triphala’.


1. People who suffer from Constipation

  • 3-5gms with warm water after dinner

2. People who suffer from Ulcer

  • 3-5gms with honey, twice a day

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