Hbzen - natural medicine for iron deficiency anemiaHbzen is a pure natural food supplement that helps anemic patients in increasing the hemoglobin count. The richness of pomegranate and palm sugar gives abundant nutrition of Vitamins and iron. This natural mixture is full of extracts, all together resulting in cell regeneration and proliferation.

Health Benefits

  • Ample amount of iron content aids in surmounting the RBC deficiency in the body
  • Due to the anti-oxidant property the LDL cholesterol is reduced and HDL cholesterol is increased
  • It’s anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties fight against bacteria and viruses and boosts the immune system
  • It helps in smooth digestion and bowel movements
  • It protects cell damage and reduces inflammation
  • It relieves from constipation and Vomiting sensation
  • It removes intestinal parasites and hence treats diarrhea and dysentery
  • It helps in balanced bile secretion

List of ingredients

Pomegranate, Ginger, Palm sugar and Honey. Contains only natural ingredients. Contains no preservatives and has no side effects

Consumption method

Consume 8 - 15 ml with water at a ratio of 1:3 thrice a day