Horse Gram - Health Benefits

Horse gram is a reddish brown legume with many health benefits. It is rich in taste and at the same time provides you many nutritional benefits. Hence it is one of the favorite food for all walks of people.

As it is a grain with rich amounts of proteins, vitamins and iron it is believed that it can reduce the extra fats in the body along with the help of reducing weight. It is having good amounts of B-complex vitamin and proteins.  It aids in purifying menstruation and prevents and cures the arthritis. The high amount of dietary fiber present in the horse gram balances the blood pressure and sugar glucose levels.

Health benefits of horse gram

  • The horse gram plant exhibits the properties of astringent, diuretic and antioxidant. It is used in the treatment of many health problems especially to treat diarrhea, hemorrhage and hemorrhoids.
  • In curing the menstrual problems, leucorrhea and bleeding during the pregnancy period horse gram plant works effective.
  • Horse gram plant treats the patients who are suffering from weak liver, spleen enlargement and colic with its medicinal properties. And to cure the kidney stones, gall stones and high blood pressure increase the intake of horse grams.

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