Lemon - Health Benefits

Lemon - Improves Digestion, Gastric Disorders, cough
Lemon is said to be native to Asia. It has been for a long time used for medicinal, culinary and other purposes like cleaning. Historical records cite that before its therapeutic value was discovered Lemon was grown for ornamental purposes.

The tangy sour taste of lemon makes it a favorite tastemaker in a variety of dishes. In Indian culinary, it is used for garnishing foods and as a flavoring substance in drinks and snacks. Lemons are also pickled and stored according to the regional flavors and spicing prevalent in different states of India. As a thirst quencher, lemon goes into the making of 'Neembu Pani' (Lemon juice) and Sharbat, drinks that beat the summer heat. They are also processed to make lemonade and food additives.

Lemon has about 5-6% of Citric acid, and in a serving of 100g of lemon, there is about 64% DV of Vitamin C. In Ayurveda, the citrus fruit has been in use for a long time, particularly in the treatment of digestive disorders. Lemon is said to increase digestive power, relieve excess Kapha in the stomach and treat Abdominal Colic pain and Gastritis pain. It is also useful in relieving Cough. Lemon serves as a skin cleanser too. Citric Acid present in Lemon can enter into the pores of the skin to offer deeper cleansing.