Madhuca Indica oil - Health Benefits

Madhuca indica is common herb found widely in Indian states and also known as Indian tropical tree that grows in deciduous forests.  Mahua is been used from centuries for numerous purposes but widely it is used as medicinal herb.


  • The oil derived from mahua is used for skin care, in the manufacture of soap and detergent and also as edible oil.
  • The oil is also used as fuel. The seeds left after oil extraction is further used as fertilizer for plants.
  • The flowers make an alcoholic drink which is drunk in tropical India.
  • The other parts of the tree such as bark, flowers are used to treat various diseases and disorders in many tribal areas.
  • The flowers are of mahua are edible and sweet in taste which make herbal tonic.
  • The extracted oil of mahua is reported to have emollient properties which are used for various skin disorders, rheumatism and headache.

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