Bibhitaki / Thandrikkai - Health Benefits

Bibhitaki Thandrikkai - treat constipation, cold and cough

Bibhitaki grows mostly on the lower ranges of South East Asia and plains adjoining them. Traditional Ayurveda and folk medicines treat Bibhitaki as an astringent and laxative with multiple therapeutic properties. It is also one among the three fruits, blend to make Triphala (Amla, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki). In appearance, Bibhitaki looks similar to Haritaki (Kadukkai), but its outer skin is plain compared to Haritaki which has ridges on top. Usually, the pulp of the fruit is used for medicinal purpose.

Ayurvedic texts classify Bibhitaki under the group of herbs that are useful in treating cold, cough, and fever. It is said to be having a balancing effect on Kapha and Pitta. Bibhitaki is also helpful in relieving excessive thirst, hoarseness of voice and nausea.

Bibhitaki is valuable in treating constipation and is used as a mild laxative for bowel cleansing. It is often taken along with Haritaki and Amla as 'Triphala.' Bibhitaki is also helpful in treating infestation of intestinal worms. The other therapeutic benefits of Bibhitaki are, it improves eyesight, and detoxifies the blood, lymph, muscles, and tissues of the body. The oil extracted from Bibhitaki, called 'Aksha Thaila' is considered as a hair tonic that promotes hair growth.