Vitalzen - Immunity, Health Drink
Vitalzen is a well-balanced Natural Multi-grain nutrition food supplement. Vitalzen is a wholesome food supplement made out of a wide assortment of Millets, Pulses, Grains and Nuts.

Health Benefits :

Vitalzen fills your nutritional gap by providing Proteins, Amino Acids, Dietary fibres, Carbohydrates,
Vitamins, Calcium, Iron and other minerals that you require in addition to your regular food. It helps strengthen body’s natural immunity, invigorate innate functioning of all organs, restore sustained energy levels and rebuild allround health and removes constipation.

List of Ingredients: 

Consumption Method:

Follow the steps below to prepare 200 ml of your Vitalzen Health drink.
  • Add 10-15 g of Vitalzen to 50 ml of water or milk.
  • Stir well without lumps.
  • Now add 150 ml of water or milk, sugar or salt as per taste.
  • Bring it to boil and serve.

For preparing Vitalzen Porridge, boil the same for few more minutes on low flame.

Why Millets? 

Most of us know that pulses are rich sources of protein for vegetarians. Soya in particular. Whereas, nutritional benefits of millets are yet to become a common knowledge. They are fabulous small-grained cereals. Once a native grain, the neglected millet has come back with much pomp. Awareness on its health benefits are increasing.
Millets are fine sources of dietary fibres and B vitamins. They are also rich in proteins and amino acids, and every millet has its own unique blend of nutrients. Although in length we can describe them in detail, lets see here some fine points.

  1. Finger Millet is an excellent source of calcium (370 mg ) and phosphorous (290 mg).
  2. Pearl Millet is a rich source of Protein (11.8 g), Iron (11 mg) and phosphorous (240 mg).
  3. Barnyard Millet scores very high on dietary fibre with 13.6g and an Iron content of 18.6 mg.
  4. Foxtail Millet has a protein content of 12.3 g and 290 mg of phosphorous.
  5. Little Millet with its neutral taste and a balanced nutritional value akin to other millets can easily be substituted for rice.
  6. Kodo Millet again is a rich source of dietary fibre with 10g and provides adequate amount of protein.
  7. Sorghum provides 10.6 g protein, 289 mg of Phosphorous and 363mg of Potassium. It has a nutritional value similar to raw oats.

Introducing millets to our platter will not only help us gain our daily value (DV) of nutrition, but also add variety to our everyday meal.


Who all can have Vitalzen?
Vitalzen is suitable for all above 1 year of age.

Is Vitalzen safe for diabetics?
Vitalzen is safe for diabetics in prescribed measure . In suggested measure it does not alter blood sugar level adversely, rather provides rich protein content giving good results in overall health.

Is Vitalzen a ‘substitute for food’ or ‘a suggested food supplement’ along with my regular diet?
It can be prepared as either direct food or used as a food supplement. Those who can get their hunger satiated with the drink will not need any additional food.

What is the difference between ‘Natural’ and ‘Organic’ variants of Vitalzen ?
There is no difference in the preparation pattern of Natural and Organic. Difference is only in the raw materials used. Vitalzen Pluss is prepared using raw materials sourced from certified organic stores, who in turn procure from farmers who cultivate their crops using organic manures. On the other hand Vitalzen is prepared using raw materials sourced from our normal plantations. Comparatively, for us to lower the chemical values, organic is mostly recommended.

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