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Amla Powder (detoxified)

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  • (Made of Nellikai(Gooseberry))
  • Natural Remedy for Asthma & Type 1 Diabetes

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Product Description

English : Gooseberry, Tamil : Nellikai, Telugu : Usiri / Usirikayi, Malayalam : Nellikka, Kannada : Nellikai, Hindi : Amla / Amlaka, Botanical name: Phyllanthus emblica Aathithya’s Malai Nelli Powder (Amla powder) is a pure form of Indian Gooseberry, prepared using traditional Siddha methods. These methods, which are applied based on rare Siddha texts, makes Nelli/Amla free from most toxins and fully enriched with the goodness of the fruit.

Unique properties of Amla
Amla has three primary tastes and two secondary tastes. It helps in reducing Pitta and balancing all three doshas (Vada, Pitta, and Kapha). Some studies reveal that chemical properties of Amla have antimicrobial and antiviral properties and also have potential activity against some cancers. It also has significant levels of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), which helps improve immunity against common cold and flu.

Health Benefits

  • It rejuvenates health so it is also seen as an elixir that can enhance one’s life span.
  • It improves digestion, treats constipation and corrects overall metabolic activity.
  • It is helpful in treating diabetes as it aids in reducing blood sugar levels and in proper absorption of insulin.
  • It helps in preventing the common cold, reducing cough and also in treating asthma.
  • It provides prolonged detoxification, purifies the blood, reduces blood cholesterol and gives vigor to the heart.
  • It also helps improve physical and cognitive alertness, eyesight and hair growth.

Consumption Method

5gms with warm water / milk / honey twice a day

About Manufacturer

Aathithya Herbal is a Herbal, Natural and Organic Food Supplement producer with a high market contribution. Established in the year 2012 Aathithya Herbal is foraying into vivid areas of healthcare ably led by a panel of dedicated Healthcare Professionals, Researchers and Experts in the field of Herbal, Natural and Organic Food products fields.